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tv   [untitled]    February 11, 2015 2:30pm-3:01pm PST

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local 21 place over all cap of one hundred and 60 hours and cap of one hundred and 20 hours to be used in my given year under the city rules the unused copying time cannot be cashed out the proposed agreement for other low and behold 21 employees will match that program for the city in terms of the commentary time for that new employees is the one hundred and 60 overall and in a given year no cash out value, however, employees who are currently ocii employees who are hired before december twitter 2014 will continue to be able to use the, if you will, the old rules for
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combing time that were established by the agency and conditioned by the successor agency as long as they remain employed and ocii they'll be able to use that, however over time as new employees join they'll be subject to the new rules that are a comparable to the city local 1021 provisions match what the 1021 combing time but most important point is once again agency employees who were hired before december 31st, 2014 will continue to be able to use the coming time program that had been in effect previously grievance procedures have been
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rewritten in total they are now comparable to the city procures whereby there are 3 items steps in arbitration disciplinary procedures start another a higher level steps by executive management starting with the men, women, and children supervisor going to up h.r. before it end up in arbitration the rules are slightly different for 1021 and those are the contracts before you and so with that i'd entertain any questions if you want to recognize and commend the members of the negotiating team for the agency as well as for the unions mr. taylor in the last month or so we've had
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productive meetings to resolve those matters and it's been a true joint and team effort to bring those to a conclusion so with that i'll answer any questions. >> thank you, madam secretary do we have any speaker cards i'm sorry on those items. >> yes. katherine reilly and others. >> good afternoon. i'm katherine the ocii president i want to commend and speak in support of the item in front of you and want to thank director bohe and her staff on working with us to meet the deadlines and it's been very productive our it union as voted to support this item we thank you to the
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staff. >> good afternoon, commissioners my name is emma jerald the field supervisor with 1021st and the negotiator with this contract i'm speaking to impress on you we're happy with the contract our employees voted in support and hope you'll move forward to having the contract and moving forward with the whole situation since 2011 so again, thank you for your time and please vote to support the contract thank you. >> thank you those are the only speaker cards. >> yes. >> do you have a speaker card on the labor mous. >> yes. i want to throw my
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supported for the employees they need to be paid i hope i'm speaking on the right item yes. i very much support the agency they've been around as long as i have have i've been around 25 years i'm in very much support oh excuse me. i'm acting like a black man, i want to explain any appearance it is not a protest it's black history month so it's a contractor this is how i feel this is black history month only 228 days left. >> i thought i'd explain. >> who is that person i'm ace i'm on the case i very much support the workers give them what they want they deserve it.
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>> okay go do the commissioners have questions or comments. >> just a comment i'm very happy everybody is happy and it is wonderful you know, i move this item. >> commissioner bustos had a question and it's a statement in closed session we heard a lot of you know we got our questions answered when redevelopment was being resolved or the threat i'll say before it was dissolved i was on the commission saying that you know our staff and team in redevelopment was head and shoulders above the rest we were the only redevelopment in the state that did what we were supposed to do we have so much
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good though some people may say it wasn't good for recent history we've tried to help our community and do things right you know that opinion of our team and of our staff has never changed you're the best of the best so i applauded the team members that came together to work on this negotiation like i said in closed session it's a unique situation and deserved to get solutions so i'm thrilled we got to this parity so everyone feels good there's a lot of work left to do and a lot of community that are we have left to help so i just am thrilled and want to second this motion. >> been moved by commissioner singh and seconded by commissioner bustos i'll add a
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comment no agency likes to see its employees leave but i'm gratified we're not losing our employees as i've come to appreciate so it to you the employees i'm prepared besides supervisor mar ready to call. >> - >> i'm glad we have a resolution that everybody is happening happy and i hope you stay with us. >> please call the roll. >> 5 c supervisor mar commissioner singh commissioner bustos marry madam chair rosales 4 i's i guess we didn't say i was going to call them separately it
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is the same vote for 5 d unless - same house, same call? thank you, everyone two items pass please call the next item. >> the the next order of business is 5 e adapting the environmental review findings for the capital improvement plan and new basically schematic design for block 40 at 18 hundred and 19 hundred mixed use south to replace the schematic design pursuant to the owner participation agreement, llc and one surveillance to the mission bay to the south design for
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development with the area and discussion and action resolution number 7 deficient 2015 madam director. >> thank you, ma'am secretary commissioners block 40 is one of the few remaining under development properties in mission bay as you recall you saw a previous combined schematic design from the previous owner fossil that is the manifesto vermont developer they've sold the property to kilroy and they come down and with a new design which we believe will add significantly to the mission bay neighborhood and really create a strong east west context me k connection with the hospital that's opening and park surrounding the site and the rest of mission bay
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south with that i'd like to ask katherine reilly to walk you through the design and joined by the development and arithmetic. >> thank you director bohe my voice was fin before i got up here better than last time and good afternoon madam chair rosales and commissioners i'm the project sponsor i'll be presenting a basically concept design this item including includes several evaporates there will replace a design in 2013 i'll start by providing the overview and ems then to the kilroy development team to introduce their team as well as and the design and return back to go over the surveillance this
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is plain clothes officer block 40 in mission bay this is 3 and quarter this is under construction to the east it us tuktd against the 280 freeway to the west and small part directly to the south we have two presentation we'll be flipping between the yellow one and the one we're at now this is a very unique site it is probably one of the tougher ones it is triangle last year in sight up against the freeway and the conflicts line also one street is put in right now it along these flat mariposa will have a grade when you look at owens street going down to the freeway and the railroad tracks there will be a drop down we're excited about what the
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design team has managed to do with that previously we start with the participation agreement as we saw with the warriors item a couple weeks ago this major phase do you have your presentation? you guys have our extra >> i don't have this one. >> this is the basic - >> oh, i have 2 oh, wait a second i've got it. >> okay a lot of flipping around something not - we're on the previous approval slide. >> right. >> we start out with the major phases with the warriors that was define and approved for the site in 2008 with the former redevelopment commission and then in 2013, the manifesto developer of mission bay that formally owned even though site came in with a schematic design
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it was approved by the commission since then it's been sold as part of the approval process interests 4 variances you'll see basically the same variances that were approved and walk through later why staff feels their appropriate this is the design team they changed the exterior appearance and hope you'll feel it's an improvement over the last design variances at that time were by the advisory committee and by the police station had an opportunity to review that them so this give us a sense of what the old design is good quality design definitely for convert and remnant of mission bay so what we feel the design you're going to see it is to spice it up to bring a different character to mission bay i want
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to introduce the gentleman from kilroy reality to is a change over to the bright yellow presentation. >> thank you katherine good afternoon madam chair rosales and commissioners i'm todd representing kilroy we're excited to share our project design our team has been extremely successful working with george bridges to identify and gave me quality go firms for that the project but all ccii roadway and mission bay members please stand we have a pretty good presentation here. >> kilroy is one hundred percent committed to the golds and delighted by our success
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today i'm going to turn it over to bob hail with the hail our design architect they're working in conjunction with flat architects here in san francisco. >> good afternoon commissioners very happy to be here with i in afternoon we've been working with kilroy on this project for 6 months almost when they first came to us they had bought the project and were starting to move forward and realized they needing to feel like the project was to grade the under pooing but didn't talent itself i itself in the market didn't add something more to the community to mission bay than just another building so they really charged us with trying to do some go that is unique and different
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there would really helpdlaevent the project for the manpower and hopefully ultimately to the community we really looked hard at the site and thought hard about the surrounding area that the project is going in both mission bay and potrero hill and looked at the history of the site of mission bay before it was filled in really going back to the roots of the place and drawing from that a sense this is once an industrial place great sense of activity and history tying it into the kind of industrial buildings and sort of industrial aesthetic that
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existed for many years on the waterfront that draws from the masonry from wood and had a real sort of not a sort of monolithic polished quality but something nor humanized to a human scale and so in looking at this site which is one of the last large sites no mission bay we wanted to as it's on the edge connected more to the east and south of that sort of old industrial aesthetic site plan here shows owens at the south of the bottom of the page and 16th on the right to 280 freeway it's a big swath along to the west
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connections on the ground are really along 16th street up into the neighborhoods and then along owens back to mission street as katherine the massing the project is similar to what was done previously there's really sort of a sense of four different buildings here that really are two taller towers and two smaller masses so it's really like 4 buildings that are all put together as one large block that breaks down the scale of a project it feels like an urban place that the aesthetic is really drawn from the place making of the history of this place so you can see the rendering here from the east looking back
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at owens street a model here this is pretty much the same view from our position of the rendering two towers are 12 stories they all stay within the overall one hundred and 80 foot site katherine about talk about the variance of height but the two smaller masses in between are smaller office buildings and the parking structure is buried inside of it it coyotes a little bit the colorful piece other than the left is essentially a projected art piece that covers up part of the garage and this view from the corner of 16th and owen looking at the project is the main pedestrian entrances on the street retail on the right side of the tower
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building along 16th street and you can also see the second building in has a sort of bay window front and breaks down the sale of it we used brick to define some of the volumes of the building especially at the grade level and the towers have a different expression from the southeast looking back up owens again, we sort of book end the site with those brick building there were comments in the meeting about the building seemed a little bit plan we articulated all the bricks with a kind of metal trim so it will have a second reading of a different shadow in that
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and then from the 280 freeway side you come along and see the building is a series of buildings you see in between the paths this is looking to the southeast and staff had asked we consider the notation that the 280 freeway may go away at some time what this looks like we designed that west facade of the building to come down to the ground and provide for a front design for that would happen if the freeway would go away it's a sense of a landscape that tides it into the boulevard that is projected on the left side of this slide there's also a vehicular drop
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off area at the northwest corner of the site that ties into an access road along the site view from the north so signed we've tried to break the articulate of the building into piece that have sort of a smaller scale reading and more humane scale reading but a more industrial scale reading some of the materials we're talking about the facades are probably in the majored of glass and transparent at glass for the most part and we've included first with the glass that helps to temper the heat gain on the
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glass other pieces are going to be brick as you saw g f r.c. glass reinforced fiber concrete and there are are places for metal panels we're also the design architects for the project and the project is developed in a way that has assessable roof on the two lower pieces of the project to the two lower believe the tenants can come out and have places on the roofs take care rasz raze for the employees looking at to the east over to the bay they also places we're starting to develop stormwater filtration
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at grade we have plaza at the corner where the entry is developed and plaza to the west of that where the drop off is placed to the left of the project is the park a little bit more detail of the entrance underneath the second building there's a major lobby it serves both buildings that might have a cafe retail space within it block to the right is thought to be retail and view coming into the building there's bike parking for more than double the number of spaces that are required and then seasonal mrarpts wrapping around in the public
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spates some striking trees that would provide color on the streetscape and as well unique streetscape furnishings and additional parking and lighting so - katherine i want to - >> thank you. >> thank you very much bob and todd as mentioned this is a 6 hundred 67 square feet office building with retail will be at least 6 hundred and 57 parking spaces
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that may go up with biotech parking garages and childcare facility on site the project component can talk about the process to determine whether or not there will be depending on the tenant and if a tenant sponsored a childcare for sponsorship it fits into the building the design you saw does request four variances the one from the redevelopment plan is the same as the design for development so really 4 sets of variances again, this is substantially the same variantss 3 were approved relating to height and the street holding the building out to the property line tower saying that and tower size
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as a package the variance breaks down up the spaced for the towers and lessen the pitched corners and helped with the tall short tall, short design to break up the block and helped to pull back from the key chiropractors kind of make it feel less tension with the hospital across the way and the freeway it's a con 12r5i7bd site to help to make that less vera booting starting with the height variance mission bay you're allowed to go 20 feet above that for rooftops we'll allow them not to go over the one hundred 80 but maybe one hundred and 59
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unoccupied and so overall the massing will go change from what their occupyable space at the street corner corn of owens and 16th the yellow of the right hand you're supposed to build up against the property line this is the very nice plaza in the corner it's a funny offset intersection at owens and 16th that pulls the building back a little bit so the people driving have a better visible for the pedestrians and it helps bring in a little bit more space and light with future hospitals in the - across the way it's a large building we have a few variances this portion of mission bay is speed limit to have portions between 90 and one hundred and 60 feet
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with mission bay you're allowed a little bit more to protect the views from the freeway that have maintain the 2 hundred foot separation of the majority of the height of the elevators for the small scare that encroaches 40 feet but the majority is within the 2 hundred feet and on the right hand side the floor plate for the towers is more than 20 thousand fiat square feet the variance allows them 6 hundred plus thousand feet to help allows them to keep the shorter areas short and the 2/4ths up so the breakdown so along 16th feet only towers with 16 hundred feet it allows them the block lanes and from the